Kim Stephenson

Greens Candidate for South Coast

Hi, I'm Kim Stephenson.

I’m running for the seat of South Coast to ensure our residents all have opportunities in life for a decent income, stable job, good education and housing. Progress in our beautiful part of the country has stalled, but with better governance, South Coast can become a leader in renewable energy, combating climate change, ending environmental destruction, and social inclusiveness.

Born and raised in East Nowra to a loving, working-class family, I spent my first 21 years here. After another two decades away, I returned with a renewed appreciation of our region’s stunning natural landscape. I also saw disenfranchised and unemployed youth, no improvements to public transport and no plan for a transition to renewable energy or implementation of climate change policies.

I’ve dedicated my life to the community. Through many years of hospitality, retail and Commonwealth public service, I have fought for vulnerable and disadvantaged people, minorities, women, Indigenous Australian rights and the environment.

I do a lot of volunteer work and, like too many South Coast residents, have struggled to find stable long-term employment - but I’m currently developing a sole trader catering business.

There’s change in the air. Australians are sick of the same old, major party duopoly and politicians that are out of touch with the lives of struggling everyday Australians.

The Greens is a grassroots party that involves ordinary people in decision-making and represents those without money or power. I’m motivated by the local community’s needs, not careerism or party politics. I’ll represent our community’s values in parliament and hold the major parties to account.

Let’s tackle climate change by transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy, ensure everyone has a home, fund world-class public schools, transport and services, protect our bushland and work with First Peoples to establish a path for sovereignty and meaningful treaties.

Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all of us.

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