Kristyn Glanville

Hi, I'm Kristyn and I'm your candidate for The Greens in Warringah. I believe that more than ever, our political system needs Green principles of ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice, and peace and disarmament.

I live in Freshwater and have lived on the Northern Beaches since childhood. I have worked at international law firms as a lawyer specialising in environment and planning law and am currently completing a PhD in environmental regulation of water in the Murray Darling Basin. Through my career, I have advised clients ranging from businesses, construction companies, Councils, Aboriginal Land Councils, and community groups on a range of environment, development,  waste, and biodiversity issues.  I have been involved in the campaign to oppose PEP-11, and other local community groups dedicated to environmental conservation. 

Through my experience I have a practical understanding of the issues facing our environment, and how they can be managed in a way which recognises competing interests and needs within the community. 

However, it is not enough to simply recognise the importance of environmental conservation. We must also recognise that our current economic system is incompatible with a healthy environment. Our environment cannot sustain infinite economic growth. Our economy cannot continue to consume resources without closing the loop between products and raw materials. Big businesses and billionaires continue to use political influence, lobbying, and donations to sway the political balance against ordinary community members and nature.  

We need a different way of doing politics, which recognises the difficult decisions which need to be made to achieve a just transition from a consumption based, carbon driven economy which benefits the few, to an economy which delivers the needs of all citizens within planetary boundaries.

I'm running because only Greens principles can ensure a prosperous life for younger generations and nature. We have a transformative vision of a just society, where dental care is included into Medicare, childcare is recognised as a universal and public good, and housing is made affordable for every Australian.