Sujan Selven

Hello, I’m Sujan.

I am committed to the Greens’ vision for real change, and I am passionate about the difference that key Greens ideas could make right here in Western Sydney.

I want to be your Chifley representative in the federal parliament because I’m from a multicultural community, which makes me a good fit for Chifley. I have lived in Western Sydney for more than 20 years. I have worked closely with local communities and still do, which gives me a good understanding of the needs and challenges that people here experience.

I'm a community worker and human rights advocate. I have an Advanced Diploma in Events and Business Management and am currently working in the telecommunication industry. In the past I’ve worked as an interpreter. I come from a community work background, and so I got to know the community at a personal level and very closely.

As a community worker, I heard so many stories of people’s bad experiences with government at all levels. I felt so disappointed and began to want to create change, so that the government would really work for the  community.

Although I’ve been a candidate for state and council elections, plunging into the federal campaign is a big jump. But then, here’s something about me that you can’t guess from my photo. In 2018 I did a bungee jump. Before that, I was scared of heights. I took the plunge. That’s my approach to challenges.

I believe we need an honest, open and inclusive government. A Treaty must be signed with Australia’s First Nations peoples, to honour their unceded sovereignty. We need a Medicare system that covers dental and mental health, secure housing for all, and action to address the climate crisis. Free education at all levels, from early childhood up to TAFE and uni, and family reunion for accepted refugees are also things I’m passionate about.

Together, we can make sure that our hospitals are properly resourced, that everyone has a place to call home, that young people don’t rack up huge debts just to get an education, and that there’s a plan to deal with the climate crisis–the devastating floods, bushfires and heatwaves.

What gives me the courage to stand as your Greens candidate for Chifley is knowing that I’m fighting for the right reason. I would love to have the honour of representing the vibrant multicultural Chifley community in our federal Parliament.