Asta Hill

Candidate for Braitling


I'm Asta. I was born and raised in Mparntwe Alice Springs and live here with my two kids. I work as a lawyer, and, outside of work, do everything I can to be involved in the community. I’ve got a long history of standing up for Centralians, most recently advocating to stop new pokies in our town.

I want this town to be a safe place for my kids to grow up. A strong community, safe from crime and from the effects of climate change. 

If we want safe communities we need to focus on what people need - ensuring everyone has a place to live, access to nutritious & affordable food to eat and something to do where they can contribute to our community. 

I love this town, and I think it deserves more. The major parties have ripped us off, putting gas corporations first by expanding the industry in a climate and extinction crisis. They've put themselves first with law and order campaigns that are more about getting elected than protecting our communities. I want to put people first.

As a mum, I want my kids to grow up in a town where they have access to a good education, stable housing and a government who wants to protect the liveability of this town in an uncertain climate future. The major parties won’t put you first, but I will.

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