Fix the Rental Crisis

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It's time to give renters a fair go.

Almost 1 in 3 South Australians rent their home. But renters are still too often treated like second class citizens. 

While renting becomes more expensive and less secure, SA renters face some of the worst protections in the country.

It has become harder to find decent and affordable rental homes. Renters face big rent hikes, poor quality houses that are freezing in winter and sweltering in summer, and problems dealing with agents and landlords.

That’s why the Greens want to strengthen renters rights and give renters secure, sustainable homes.

Join our campaign to: 

End no cause evictions
Implement rent controls to protect vulnerable people from rent hikes
Provide the option of long-term leases to give security to renters
Prohibit rental bidding that force potential tenants into unfair rental auctions
Allow people to rent with their pets, other than in exceptional circumstances
Ensure all homes meet energy efficiency and security standards
Allow people to make minor and reversible changes to properties
Build more social and affordable housing
Establish a government funded Tenants' Union
Regulate Airbnbs

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