Our campaigns

Get involved with the Queer Greens SA

Join The Queer Greens SA to be involved with local actions and activities.

Get involved with the Greens SA Housing Action Group

Find out how you can take action towards fixing the housing crisis in SA.

Protect our Park Lands

The Adelaide Park Lands are not for sale.

Fix the Rental Crisis

It's time to give renters a fair go.

Vote for climate action

This State Election, vote for real climate action.

Cannabis: Just Legalise It

It is high time we legalised cannabis for adult use in South Australia.

Public Transport should be free

Free, frequent and reliable public transport would take pressure off families, cut congestion and transform how South Australians move around. 

Allow Pill Testing in SA

The war on drugs has failed. It’s time to introduce pill testing in South Australia. 

Advance Australia Fair

Join us in this call for ‘Australians All’ to find a date that heals not hurts.