Katie McCusker

Candidate for Dunstan

Hi, I'm Katie McCusker.

I love our community and I'm passionate about being a genuine voice for Dunstan. I am so proud to be campaigning to represent the community that means so much to me, and to give the people of Dunstan the opportunity to vote for someone who will truly represent them.

I have lived in and around Dunstan all my life, and currently live in Payneham with my son. There is so much to enjoy in our leafy area - a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan lifestyle, diverse cultures, community, and natural beauty. I am committed to ensuring the future of our wonderful local heritage. 

I have a strong history of social justice activism, and as a former health administrator I know first-hand how important it is that healthcare be accessible and affordable for all South Australians.  

I have a degree in psychology and politics and have worked predominantly in the South Australian public sector. I’ve dedicated my working life to ensuring that barriers to people’s needs are eliminated where possible and that equity and justice is realised. I am an administrator, a mediator and a facilitator.  

South Australian politics needs a shakeup. While the major parties are fighting each other, the Greens will fight for our community and hold the Labor Government to account. Both major parties are putting the interests of their big corporate donors ahead of our community. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Dunstan deserves better, but nothing changes if your vote doesn't. This by-election, we have an opportunity to elect someone who truly represents the values of our community.

Together, we can:

Provide cost of living relief by taking action on supermarket price gouging.
Address the housing crisis by freezing rents for 2 years and capping future increases in line with inflation. 
Tackle the climate crisis by transitioning away from dirty gas, bringing back ETSA and rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy and storage.
Protect our Park Lands - no sell offs or privatisations of out public green spaces.
Restore integrity to politics and end dirty donations.

I will represent our community’s values in parliament and hold the government to account. I will ensure that Labor goes further and faster on tackling housing, cost-of-living and climate crises. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all of us.


Your vote is powerful

The Greens’ how-to-vote card is our suggested voting order. If you choose to follow this card, it will give us the best chance of winning and will maximise the number of progressive MPs in Parliament who will fight for what you believe in.

Here's how you vote for Katie, and help us to turn Dunstan Green:

Image of HTV flyer for Dunstan by-election