Suki Dorras-Walker

Candidate for Lyons Ward - Darwin City council

Hi, I’m Suki, I have been a public school teacher for ten years, I am a mother of two young girls, and a law student.

I’m excited to stand for council because I want to help our community face challenges like climate change, the housing and cost of living crises.

I feel passionately about protecting our climate and keeping our city cool. I love living in Darwin and want community members like me to have a voice in local government.

 I am also deeply concerned about the gas expansion agenda of the Territory Government and how this threatens the liveability of this beautiful place I call my home.

 I want to use my role on local council to elevate these issues and be a voice for those who want their government to act for community and not for big corporations. 

As a councillor for Lyons, I will aim to:

  • Support developments that benefit both the community and the environment.
  • Promote smarter, community-led justice programs that will help young people break cycles of disadvantage.
  • Make our city more bike friendly.
  • Advocate for more green public spaces.
  • Help tackle the housing crisis faced by so many in Darwin.
  • Advocate against land clearing of endangered ecosystems.

I am keen to hear more from the members of Lyons Ward and from the Darwin community as a whole to ensure I can best represent their concerns if I am elected to council.

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