We are running out of time to tackle the climate crisis.
We need to act now.

The climate crisis is unfolding right before us.

Extreme fires, deadly heatwaves and record floods - all fueled by the burning of coal, oil and gas.

Yet the Labor Government still has over 100 coal and gas projects in the pipeline.

The only way to keep people safe is to stop adding more fuel to the fire: no more coal and gas.

Guardian news headline saying "2023 smashes record for world's hottest year by huge margin."


Labor and the Liberals take millions in donations from coal and gas corporations every year.

In return, they give their mates billions in public handouts while they continue to destroy the planet.

The Greens don’t take a single cent from these big corporations.

That’s why, using our shared balance of power in the Federal Senate, we have forced the Labor Government to go further on their weak climate promises:

  1. Stopped laws that would have let the Resources Minister bypass environment laws and First Nations consent to fast-track new gas mines.
  2. Ensured 43% is a minimum emissions reduction target, a goal which cannot be rolled back by any future government.
  3. Won significant improvements to the Safeguard Mechanism, which will now stop roughly half of coal & gas projects in the pipeline and put a hard cap on pollution.
  4. Secured $1.7 billion in total funding to help homes and businesses get off gas.
  5. Made it harder for new gas projects to proceed by adding billions in extra costs, helping derail the giant climate-bomb Beetaloo and Barossa gas projects.
  6. Secured changes to the law so that the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund cannot fund new coal and gas projects.
  7. Toughened monitoring measures for methane from coal and gas mines, which will ensure better accountability.

But the fight isn’t over.

In a climate crisis, Labor still wants to open more coal and gas. 

The only way we can stop them and their fossil fuel donors is by electing more Greens to Parliament to halt their agenda. That’s where you come in.

Big group of Rising Tide climate protesters raising their fists and holding signs.

Adam Bandt wearing a hoodie that says 'No more coal and gas'

Alongside millions like you, the Greens will continue to push for:

  • no more coal, oil and gas
  • all new mines and big development to be assessed for climate impact before being approved
  • an end to all government handouts to the fossil fuel industry
  • additional support for coal and gas communities through the energy transition


Tell the Labor Government to use their powers to stop coal, oil and gas in its tracks.

By signing this, you will hear from us about our climate campaign from time to time.