Australian and New Zealand Green parties call for deportation halt


The Green parties of New Zealand and Australia are jointly calling on the Australian Government to halt the indiscriminate deportation of New Zealanders, and people from other countries, and are raising concerns about their continued detention in off-shore detention centres.
"This policy needs to be halted. We are worried that people are being deported without their individual circumstances and rights being properly accessed," said New Zealand Green Party human rights spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.
"In New Zealand, we make humanitarian exceptions, on a case by case basis, for people who are in extraordinary situations like Junior Togatuki was in," said Ms Delahunty.
The Australian Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said, "The automatic nature of these deportations is concerning because every case is different and should be considered individually.
"Junior had lived in Australia since he was just four years old and was, for all intents and purposes, Australian. Deporting someone to a country with which they have little or no connection is serious and I understand why people in New Zealand are concerned about this case.
"While I welcome the announcement of an investigation into Junior's case, I am also concerned about safety and mental health oversight more broadly across Australia's detention network. Australia's immigration detention camps are notorious for their cruelty and it's no wonder other countries are starting to ask questions.
"With multiple suicides and suicide attempts in recent weeks, it's clear the situation is untenable and an emergency network-wide audit of support services is required," said Ms Hanson-Young.
Ms Delahunty added, "The New Zealand Green Party wants our Foreign Minster to urge the Australian Government to implement a case by case review for those currently in detention in Australia.
"We are also concerned about the on-going use of off shore detention centres. We cannot forget that these people are humans, and they need support. The evidence suggests this is lacking, especially in the off-shore sites," said Ms Delahunty.
Media Contact:
Nirupa George, for Catherine Delahunty MP: +64 4 817 6767
Noah Schultz-Byard, for Sen. Hanson-Young: 0427 604 760