Babies should not be sent to Nauru


The Australian Greens have called on Malcolm Turnbull to guarantee that no children will be sent back to Nauru, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's High Court challenge against offshore detention.
"Regardless of what the court decides tomorrow, the fate of these 90 children and their families sits with Malcolm Turnbull and they should be allowed to stay," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
"The government is threatening these children, saying they can't wait to dump them back on the hellhole of Nauru.
"Most of these children have been going to school here, making friends and trying to build a life in safety. These children are integrating into the community and the government wants to rip them out of it.
"There are 37 babies who Malcolm Turnbull wants to ship off to the prison island of Nauru. That's 37 babies like young Samuel, whose parents only want for him to grow up healthy and strong.
"It was disappointing to see the government change the laws last year to undermine this very case.
"People seeking asylum come to us because we are strong enough to protect them and integrate them into our community. We should get on with establishing a fair and efficient system to do just that and stop terrorising them with the prospect of being sent back to the disaster on Nauru."
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