Dutton delays as detention drags on


The extended delays in processing people's claims for asylum have resulted in unacceptably long detention times, the Australian Greens have said.
"The government's repeated promises that it would process people's claims for asylum quickly have been exposed as a lie," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
"Thousands of men, women and children are locked up, facing longer processing times than ever before."
"With the average length of detention nearing 450 days, the time has well and truly come for a new approach. That is why the Greens will continue to pursue changes to the law that put a time limit on detention.
"We need to have a fair and efficient process put in place to get these people out of detention and integrate them into our community as quickly as possible.
"People come here, seeking safety and a better life, because we can offer them protection. It's time we stood up and did just that."
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