Labor and Liberal vote against Greens move to keep Australian born babies safe


A move by the Australian Greens that would have allowed babies who were born in Australia to stay here, rather than be sent to Nauru, has been denied in the Senate.
"These babies should be cared for, not sent to a life of abuse on Nauru," Senator Hanson-Young said.
"The Labor and Liberal parties ganged up to stop this move because of their obsession with offshore detention and the cruelty that comes with it.
"The government has misread the public sentiment on this. The majority of Australians understand that children shouldn't be sent to face state-sanctioned child abuse on Nauru.
"Over recent months community members, doctors, teachers, families, academics, mums and dads have all taken a stand and said they won't put up with the government's cruelty any more.
"The Greens were joined by a number of the crossbench Senators in moving this bill, but it was disappointing to see the old parties continuing to vote for detention and cruelty."
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