Nauru’s prison island changes must be opened to media scrutiny: Greens


The island of Nauru needs to be opened up for journalists and independent human rights observers so that they can see what life is really like for those detained there.
"With Nauru having been turned into Australia's very own prison island in the middle of the Pacific, it's high time journalists were allowed in so that they can see what's really going on there," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
"The obsession with secrecy at the detention camp on Nauru allowed a culture of intimidation and assault to fester and, in recent months, we have seen the disturbing results.
"The Australian Government can and should ensure that the Nauru authorities give journalists reasonable access to the island.
"The media and independent human rights organisations need to be given full access to Nauru so that the Australian public can finally see what is really being done in their names.
"It's extremely concerning to see that women and children have been repeatedly targeted by locals in the community in recent weeks. It's clear that women and children are not safe on Nauru, whether they are in the camp or in the community.
"Malcolm Turnbull should protect these vulnerable families by bringing them back to Australia where they can finally start to put their lives back together."
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