Major 'Moogy' Sumner

Senate Candidate for SA

Major ‘Moogy’ Sumner AM is a Ngarrindjeri elder and a world-renowned artist, performer and cultural ambassador.

He became a Member of the Order of Australia in 2014, after dedicating his life to promoting Aboriginal health and welfare, and youth and cultural heritage. He formed the Tal-kin-jeri Dance Group almost 30 years ago, and has performed around the world.

He’s excited to put his hand up to represent his country and run for The Greens SA as Number 2 Senate Candidate. 

Moogy’s campaign will focus on putting people and the environment back at the centre of decision-making, including saving the Murray and protecting the Great Australian Bight, while fighting to address inequality and for more Aboriginal representation in the federal parliament.

He strives to protect the environment and will work in Canberra for a more sustainable nation and caring community. By looking at things from a cultural perspective, Moogy believes we can do more to care for people and country.

Moogy will fight the greed that has allowed our rivers to be drained and the Great Australian Bight to be put at risk from big oil and gas companies. By educating our young people and investing on renewable energy, he knows we can do what is right by our country and each other.

South Australia has sadly never had representation Federal Parliament from our First People, and Moogy would be a great credit to our state.