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A Better Way For Education

Building Equity and Opportunity

Every Australian child deserves a quality education, regardless of their background and their post code. Not only does a good education open doors in adult life, it builds a more cohesive and clever society from which we all benefit.

Taking Action

The Greens have a plan for a better way to educate our young people. Our education system should be inclusive and fair. From preschool to university and TAFE, the Greens will invest in quality education that is accessible to all. Funding will be directed to where it is needed most.

The Greens will:

  • Support State implementation of the “Gonski” education funding reforms. This will deliver smaller class sizes and increased funding to public schools;
  • Ensure all schools receiving public funding are subject to the same level of accountability, transparency and non-discriminatory staff recruitment and student enrolment policies;
  • Ensure children with specific educational needs, including Aboriginal students, students from migrant and refugee backgrounds, and those with special needs are provided with the resources they need;
  • Restore TAFE as a public provider of affordable vocational education and training;
  • Increase opportunities for early childhood education, especially for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds;
  • Ensure that arts, music, drama and physical activity have a strong place in the primary and secondary curriculum alongside numeracy, literacy and science;
  • Modify NAPLAN testing to prevent unfair comparison between schools and shift focus to improving outcomes for students;
  • Ensure schools provide a healthy environment for learning, including nutritious canteen food and encouraging walking and cycling to school;
  • Protect smaller schools from closure and give communities more say over the creation of new, large, amalgamated schools.