Our natural environment

A better way to protect and restore biodiversity

According to SA State of the Environment Reports, most South Australia’s natural environments are in a highly degraded state and declining. Human activities have resulted in significant impacts on our biodiversity, including species extinctions, infestations of exotic weeds and feral animals, and widespread ecosystem collapse.

Protection of the environment should be a central pillar of a modern society. Unfortunately, how we value our natural heritage has not been reflected in recent budgets. The share of the State budget being allocated to environmental programmes has been in sharp decline and is now only 1.5% of spending.

We desperately need to reverse this trend to avoid further environmental decline.

Taking action

Governments have failed to understand the essential link between a healthy environment and the health of society and the economy.

The Greens will:

  • Increase funding to State environment programs;
  • Increase the funding, functions and independence of the EPA;
  • Ensure protection of remaining habitat and connection between natural areas through wildlife corridors.
  • Require environmental impact assessments for all development proposals that have the potential to damage the environment;
  • Prohibit destructive and dangerous mining projects such as drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, fracking for gas in the South East or any form of underground coal gasification.
  • Increase the grants to non-government organisations for field work, scientific research and policy development;
  • Develop and fund a plan to capture, treat and reuse urban stormwater and sewage effluent to end all polluting discharges to the marine environment; and
  • Improve the integrity of environmental laws by limiting exemptions and providing for genuine public participation.