Making SA Nuclear-Free

Nuclear weapons are an abomination and must be eliminated! There are none in Australia. Let’s keep it that way.

Nuclear power is expensive, dirty and dangerous and isn’t the answer to climate change. Renewables are cheaper, cleaner and safer. When paired with storage, renewables can provide continuous reliable power.

Nuclear medicine is important, but there are smarter ways to produce medical isotopes that don’t result in nuclear reactor waste.

Nuclear waste stays dangerous for thousands of years. After 70 years of the nuclear industry, there is still no long-term solution in sight. The idea of bringing the world’s high-level nuclear waste to South Australia was a risky and ill-conceived proposal that was rightly rejected by most South Australians. Around $13 million was wasted investigating, promoting and consulting on this project before it was finally abandoned.

Taking action

Recognising that a nuclear-free world is a safer world, The Greens will:

  • Legislate to strengthen the ban on nuclear power plants and nuclear waste dumps being built in SA
  • Legislate to ensure that no more public money is wasted on nuclear dump proposals
  • Oppose any new uranium mines in SA and ensure that existing multi-ore mines (eg. Olympic Dam), leave the uranium behind when processing minerals
  • Support local communities opposed to storing Australia’s existing nuclear waste in their communities. Lucas Heights’ “intermediate” level nuclear waste can stay on site near the reactor. Medical nuclear waste should be thoroughly audited to determine whether a central repository is desirable for low-level waste.