Statement of Principles on Sexual Harassment

The Australian Greens Victoria (AGV) does not tolerate sexual harassment in any form or under any circumstances and is fully committed to eliminating such behaviours in our party. The AGV is committed to providing a safe environment for all members, staff and volunteers.

Sexual harassment is unlawful and can be subject to criminal and civil sanctions. It limits the ability of members, staff and volunteers to participate fully in the party, and can have serious negative effects on both the health and wellbeing of the person targeted by the behaviour, and on the culture and morale of the party.

Sexual harassment can be perpetrated against any person of any gender or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against women and is an inevitable result of a society that accepts sexism and misogyny.

Consensual interaction does not constitute sexual harassment. However, members should always consider factors that may impede a person’s ability to consent, such as:

  • personal factors, including age (including age difference), maturity, working or personal relationships within or outside the party, hierarchical positions within the party, status or public image, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity; and
  • situational factors, including force or the fear of force, the fear of harm, alcohol or drug consumption, intoxication, if the complainant was asleep or unconscious, and/or the setting or location (including unlawful detention).

All AGV members have a responsibility to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur, to challenge sexist behaviours when they see them, and to treat any complaint seriously, with sensitivity and respect.1

Reports of sexual harassment will be treated promptly, seriously and confidentially, with the objective of creating a safe environment for all our members, staff and volunteers. Complaints will be responded to with sensitivity towards the mental health and wellbeing of all parties, and with the understanding that sexual harassment can have great negative impacts on a person’s mental health.

The AGV recognise that making a complaint of this nature can have a significant impact on complainants. Complainants have the right to determine how a complaint will be treated, so far as is consistent with our Constitution. They also have the right to have a support person or representative chosen by them involved in the process and the option to stop the process at any time.

The respondent also has the right to have a support person or representative chosen by them present when they respond to the allegations made.

No AGV member, staff member or volunteer will be treated unfairly as a result of making a complaint of sexual harassment.

1. Code of Conduct clauses 2(a), 2(b) and 5