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Sue Pennicuik

MLC for Southern Metropolitan

Sue is the Victorian Greens spokesperson on Arts, Education, Justice, Corrections, Police, Racing and Animal Welfare. She is a passionate advocate for justice and equality and greater investment in public education and the arts.

Sue joined the Greens in 1996 due to her commitment to social justice, democracy, peace and ecological sustainability.

She was elected to state parliament in 2006, 2010 and 2014, representing the Southern Metropolitan region of Melbourne where she has lived for the past 25 years.

Sue has BAs in Arts and Phys Ed and a Masters in Environmental Science.

Before entering parliament, Sue worked in a variety of jobs including as a teacher and for the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), where she coordinated occupational health and safety (OHS) campaigns including tackling stress and bullying at work, safer working hours and banning asbestos.

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Punishing people who beg does nothing to address injustice. Victoria needs to decriminalise begging now, because asking for help should not be a crime.

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Upper House Greens MP Sue Pennicuik said the new precedent set by the Liberals on Good Friday would have ramifications for everyone in Parliament.

“Once that breach of trust has occurred it’s very difficult for people not to be wary that it may happen again,” she said.

“The desirable thing is to get back to a situation where people can trust each other, but that’s going to be difficult after this very deceitful breach of faith.”

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Thu, 29/03/2018 - 10:00am

Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan)  — My question is to the Minister for Agriculture. In the last sitting week I asked you about the number of compliance officers and police that would be deployed across Victoria's wetlands for the opening of the duck shooting season given the massacre of birds at Koorangie marshes last year and the release of the Pegasus report, which stated that it is impossible to police duck shooting across the wetlands.