Statement from the Victorian Greens


In light of recent commentary by Cr Rohan Leppert, the Victorian Greens reject any suggestion that trans rights should be up for debate. 

We assure the community and our members that views questioning the identity of trans and gender diverse people and their access to gender affirming healthcare are not representative of the position, policies and values of the Victorian Greens.

The Victorian Greens are proud of our track record as the strongest advocates for trans rights at all levels of parliament. We will always support our transgender, non-binary and gender diverse communities, and stand alongside them in their fight for equality.

The concept of gender identity, the existence of trans and gender diverse people, the need for trans and gender diverse people to be able to access gender-affirming healthcare and the importance of keeping trans and gender diverse people safe through evidence-based policy, are not up for debate.

Trans rights do not conflict in any way with women’s rights to feel safe. Trans women are women, and trans women are particularly vulnerable to gendered violence. 

Our primary concern at this time is for the wellbeing of the trans and gender diverse community. 

We apologise for the hurt caused in the last week. Debating the validity of trans people through the media is exceptionally harmful. We saw the tragic impacts of LGBTQIA+ people being forced to justify their existence during the Marriage Equality and Plebiscite ‘debate’.

The Victorian Greens reject any views that erase or deny a person’s gender identity, and recognise that those views can and do cause deep harm to trans and gender diverse people.

Trans rights are non-negotiable. We see you, hear you and affirm your right to feel safe and supported both in our party, and across the country.

The Victorian Greens are taking the open letter addressed to us very seriously and will be taking action on the concerns raised. We affirm our ongoing commitment to better supporting our trans, gender diverse, and non-binary members.