Belinda Coates

Councillor for Ballarat City Council - Central ward

I was the first Greens Councillor elected to the City of Ballarat in 2012, and I'm now in my third term as a Councillor.

I’m a committed and energetic community advocate and have worked as a social worker in health, the public service and tertiary education in the local area for over 20 years. 

My key priorities are community wellbeing, social justice and sustainability and I have a strong track record of success. I’ve delivered several outcomes in liveability, inclusion and sustainability for the local area. 

Despite often being a lone voice for social justice and environmental issues at council, I’ve managed to gain broad community support and led significant policy changes and progress on many issues. 

My priorities on council are:

  • action on climate change, renewable energy, local food, active transport (walking and cycling) and greening the city (urban forests and biodiversity)
  • support for arts, culture, heritage, live music, local business and working towards a better planned, vibrant and innovative city
  • promotion of inclusion, a compassionate city and support for wellbeing initiatives for all age groups
  • I have a broad range of interests and am well known for my support of a wide range of community groups and issues. 

I’m a strong supporter and advocate for the local First Nations community, multicultural groups, LQBTIQA+ community, people with disabilities, children, young people and families, senior community members, local businesses, arts and culture, live music and much more.

I am professional, inclusive and a consistent advocate and leader and community members appreciate my tireless commitment and approachability.