Belinda Coates

Candidate for Ballarat Council - Central Ward

Hi, I'm Belinda

I’m a lifelong Ballarat resident and am deeply connected to our community through my work as a current Councillor, social worker and community advocate in the health, tertiary education and public service sectors. Seeing first hand the impact of injustice and inequality has motivated me to stand up for First Nations justice, cultural inclusion, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, gender equity, disability access, the rights of children, young people and older residents. 

I care deeply about community health and wellbeing and our natural environment. Since being elected to Ballarat Council in 20212, I’ve worked hard to create a greener and better connected city. We can build an even more vibrant city by supporting culture, innovation and small businesses. 

People in Ballarat want to see local action on climate change from all levels of government. Many people are struggling with the cost of living, food security, and housing and rent affordability. Council has a key role to play in supporting residents to save money on energy and transport costs and advocating for housing and rental  affordability.

Let’s work together to build a more liveable city with high quality open space where it’s easier to walk, cycle and catch public transport. I am a hardworking, collaborative leader and a staunch advocate for justice and inclusion.