Mike Scott

Councillor for Stonnington City Council - South Ward

Hi, I’m Mike Scott, Community Services Manager for a local not-for-profit organisation, founder of Stonnington Climate Action Network, vice-president of Reconciliation Stonnington and a member of Rotary Prahran.  

I live locally and have done for 23 years; when I’m not working or volunteering I’m at my local dog park, gardening, or travelling.

As an advocate for the community in the paid and unpaid work that I do, I understand the hopes and needs of people in our local area. Many residents feel they don’t have a say in decisions that affect them, small businesses are struggling instead of thriving and our local environment is being impacted by poor building design and climate change.

I see many opportunities to improve how council engages with the community. Decisions can be based on values like transparency, respect and collaboration and must be tested against the climate emergency we live in.

I’m ready to represent my local community, ensuring your issues are understood and that decisions are brought in line with community expectations. Our City’s growth is inevitable but it should not be at the cost of our heritage, local environment and culture.