Rohan Leppert

Councillor for City of Melbourne

”I have loved representing and working with City of Melbourne communities since my election to Council in 2012. My work on Council focuses on building the strength of our communities, and their access to democratic decision-making processes during this time of unprecedented growth. I am keen to ensure that Council's decisions are always grounded in social justice and environmental sustainability.”

Rohan is a musician and teacher, and an experienced community and political campaigner and consultant. He managed the campaign to elect Adam Bandt to the House of Representatives and worked with the Greens in Federal Parliament as a Policy and Legislation Adviser. He is currently completing his Masters in Urban Planning and Environment, and has focused his work this term on planning sustainable, liveable communities in the face of record population growth.

Rohan has lived in the City of Melbourne since 2003 and currently lives in Kensington.


Phone: (03) 9658 9051

Melbourne Town Hall, PO Box 1603, Melbourne VIC 3001

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