Rohan Leppert

Councillor for Melbourne City Council

Our climate emergency, COVID19-induced recession and a newly politicised generation of young people are forcing all governments to change course.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Councils are key to planning for a more liveable, affordable, environmentally sustainable and peaceful future.

A long-time Kensington resident, I serve on Melbourne City Council, first elected in 2012. I am a Director of the Municipal Association of Victoria and chair its Planning Committee.

Outside of Council, I work as a planning and heritage consultant, and as a musician and music teacher.

My passion and driving reason for being a Councillor is to plan a sustainable city, and for our community in central Melbourne to be an economically and socially just place for everyone, not only the most fortunate. To that end, I work as hard as I can while I have the privilege to be a councillor to improve Council strategies and planning controls, pursue ambitious planning reforms and housing policies, and democratise Council processes.

We are a wonderfully creative community and economy, and our creativity is vital to achieving a better future. I love being able to work with arts organisations and artists to continue to produce contemporary, experimental and emerging works and practice, and to support First Nations artists to practice, develop, perform and exhibit works in inner Melbourne.