Sam Spinks

Councillor for Greater Shepparton City Council

Hi, I’m Sam Spinks, and I am a 31-year-old single parent of two young boys, with a positive and hardworking attitude to life, and a firm belief that actions are stronger than words.

I have always had family in the local area and after living in Melbourne for several years I moved to Shepparton to create a home and give my children a country upbringing. Since then we have laid down roots within many different parts of the community, and I have fallen in love with everything Greater Shepparton. 

While completing a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and Sustainable Development, I also participated in the Greater Shepparton Community Leadership Program and placed 3 street libraries in our towns. I then started work in Community Engagement with Primary Care Connect, and for the past two years I have worked all across the City of Greater Shepparton to increase social inclusion and capacity in our communities. I am also a member of GV Pride and a volunteer with Meals on Wheels, while my children participate in local sport and art programs. 

I’m a strong supporter and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, First Nations community, multicultural groups, children, young people and families, and natural environment of our region. 

We are a region filled with high caliber businesses, passionate service providers, and a resilient community, and I want to push us to be a leader in community wellbeing, social justice and sustainability. 

I want to see a Greater Shepparton that is strong on tackling climate change, fights against gender inequality, respectfully advocates First Nations and LGBTQIA+ rights, and creates safe and empowering spaces for our children. 

As your councillor I will work to create an inclusive, accessible and liveable Greater Shepparton that leads the way for its people and its future.