Susanne Newton

Councillor for Darebin City Council - West ward

I’m Deputy Mayor of Darebin, seeking re-election for the new West ward.

With your support, I’ll be your champion and your voice for West Preston and South West Reservoir on council. 

I work at La Trobe University, where I am union vice president. As a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with extensive board experience and a Masters in Business, I will act with integrity, transparency and respect for all residents.


  • $11.8m COVID recovery/resilience package supporting food relief, family violence support, grants to businesses/artists – 7% of council’s overall budget.
  • Protected Preston Market through opposing planning applications/permit extensions and placing a permanent heritage overlay over it.
  • Introduced food waste into green bins, doubled solar power, and became the first city worldwide to declare a climate emergency.
  • Convinced state government to remove four extra level crossing removals.
  • Increased funding for disabled toilets, new LGBTIQA+ grants and funded a new intercultural centre.
  • Event celebrating First Nations people and the wider Darebin community.
  • Strong action on gambling that saw the biggest reduction in pokies losses state-wide. 
  • Improved safety for women, providing $50,000 for lighting at Crispe Park dog park 
  • Improved street safety for children through the Octopus School program.
  • Developed a strategy for every resident to have a park within 500m of home.


  • Pandemic support for those most affected – homeless people, Mantra refugees, local businesses and artists. 
  • Safer streets, traffic management and parking.
  • Extending the food waste into green bin and solar savers programs, review hard waste system, power Darebin with renewable energy.
  • Protecting neighbourhood character, better quality development, more affordable housing, extend the number 11 tram.
  • Providing high quality council-run services for all ages, including aged care.
  • Reduce graffiti through expanding our program to paint murals on walls previously tagged. 
  • Planting 30,000 plants and trees and enhancing the beauty of Merri Creek and Edwardes Lake.

Susanne Newton how-to-vote card