Tomas Lightbody

Deputy Mayor for Manningham City Council - Councillor for Manna ward

Planning is a community issue.

Growing up in Donvale, I have experienced the precious communities and the local environments and understand the need to protect them. Local issues like this pushed me towards studying architecture and urban planning, one of my first projects being a hypothetical Doncaster Rail line. 

I have now completed a Bachelor of Environments in Urban Planning, Design and Architecture from the University of Melbourne. My degree has shown me how even the smallest of changes can make a massive impact in our community, and the importance of what our local government can do to improve the quality of our neighbourhoods and create a resilient local economy. 

My priorities include: 

  • Introducing new planning schemes that are sustainable and in the community interest.
  • Taking real action on climate change, like moving to renewable energy to save the council millions each year, enabling it to put more of your rates back into our community.
  • Proactive hazard reduction measures for bushfire safety.
  • Investing in local infrastructure that will save money, freeing up funds for more community projects.
  • Increasing accessibility through cycle and pedestrian strategies, which create new and increase the safety of existing paths and trails. 
  • Introducing a waste management strategy to stop all unnecessary waste reaching landfill.
  • Introducing Solar Saver Programs that will allow our small businesses, organisations, and residents easier access to rooftop solar equipment as well as other environmental upgrades. 

These plans will not only help the environment but will also have the added benefit of reducing costs for local businesses, organisations, residents and the council itself. Similar councils across Victoria have already initiated these plans, and I believe Manningham is ready to do the same. 

There is so much Manningham City Council can be doing to support the community, and as your councillor I will work firmly in your interest. 

I want to see Manningham leading the pack, not playing catch-up.