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'A Real Plan for Cost of Living'

to tackle COST OF LIVING

Take a look at what we've announced so far, and how we will take Canberra further and faster towards a fairer future.

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Public Housing & Renters Rights

‌The Greens have the biggest plan for public housing and renters rights since our city was founded.

Better Transport

‌The Greens will make sure buses come so often, you don't need to plan your day around it.

Accessible Healthcare

‌The Greens will make sure it doesn't take more than your medicare card to get quality healthcare.


Our campaign is powered by people like you. Labor and the Liberals are funded by big corporations including coal & gas corporations, and property developers. The Greens are not. We have something more powerful – people.

Our People

Meet the people who power a movement - working hard for progressive change, both in parliament and in the community. With your support, they're able to fight for people and planet everyday.

Meet your Greens Representatives

Meet your Greens Members in the ACT Legislative Assembly - championing positive change for Canberra.

Meet your Greens Candidates in the ACT Election

Meet your Greens Candidates for the 2024 ACT Election - ready to push further and faster for a fair future in Canberra.