For our city to have a voice in federal parliament, we need MPs who aren’t controlled by factions or corporate donors and are free to vote for the views of our community.

It's time to elect politicians that will stand up for what Canberrans believe in.

Decades of neoliberalism has left us with a political class unwilling to address the climate or inequality crises.

One in three big corporations pay no tax, while the old parties both voted to give the rich more tax cuts, collectively costing us $184 billion. But there is an alternative.

The Greens will make billionaires and big corporations pay tax like the rest of us, and use the money to build a more caring and sustainable society.

We are the only party committed to a climate policy that actually aligns with what the scientists are telling us. That means replacing coal and gas with renewable energy this decade.

We have the most detailed and ambitious platform of any party running for office this election, focused on:

🌏 CLIMATE ACTION - Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy by 2030, funding a just transition and creating a publicly owned power provider.
🏠 A HOME FOR ALL - Building a million affordable homes, capping rent rises, and $300,000 homes for first home buyers.
📝 POLITICAL INTEGRITY - Capping all donations to political parties at $1000 per year and establishing an anti-corruption commission.
👪 EXPANDING MEDICARE - Making dental and mental healthcare free via Medicare.
👩‍🎓 UNIVERSAL FREE EDUCATION - Providing high-quality, free childcare, university and TAFE for everyone.
💚 NO POVERTY IN A WEALTHY COUNTRY - Raising all income support payments above the $88 Henderson poverty line.

After forming the Greenest government in Australian history in 2020, we’re ready to do the same in federal parliament.

Help us make it happen: sign up to volunteer with our campaign today!


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