Right now, too many Canberrans aren’t getting the care they need until they reach crisis point.

Check out our plan to build a great heath system: 

  1. Provide more than 160,000 free doctors visits each year by establishing four GP bulk-billing clinics across Canberra
  • Two bulk-billing GP clinics in the south of Canberra and two in the north
  • Open 7 days per week, including after-hours appointments
  • Eight full-time-equivalent doctors at each clinic will together provide 3,360 free appointments each week across Canberra
  • Government-provided facilities and administrative services will relieve doctors of the cost and time burdens of running a business
  • Opportunities to expand the model over time
  1. Partner with GPs to provide continuity of care to Canberrans who face long-term health challenges
  •  Fund GPs with a particular interest in chronic health conditions to provide free long appointments
  • Connect Canberrans with doctors who understand their conditions and want to see them through their treatment and management plans
  • Replicate existing government partnerships with doctors who focus on youth health and women’s reproductive health
  • Commence this program with a focus on mental health and musculoskeletal conditions, which are having the biggest long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of Canberrans
  1. Make emergency ambulances free so that calling for help doesn't come with a thousand-dollar price tag
  • Abolish the fees charged by the ACT Ambulance Service for emergency call-outs
  • Support the Ambulance Service to focus on quality care, not debt collection

'Four Free Doctors Clinics'

The ACT Greens will deliver 160,000 free visits to the doctor every single year for Canberrans struggling with the cost of living.

We're going to deliver this by creating four free doctors clinics across Canberra, two in the northside and two in the southside!

Over recent years, healthcare has gotten more and more unaffordable. For many people, the first time they access free healthcare is in the emergency room, rather than at their doctors office.

These local, accessible and free doctors clinics will make sure it doesn't take anything other than your Medicare card to get the right healthcare you.


The Greens have a holistic plan to deliver a healthcare system that is focused on looking after people, not simply building more hospitals.

Giving people access to free healthcare helps them live fulfilling lives and allows them to participate more freely in things like work, study and family life. 

Without proper and affordable care within the community, more people will find themselves in the emergency department, rather than in a doctors office.

A lot of the time, the reasons people turn up to the hospital could have been prevented if they just had easy access to a doctor.

For people with ongoing health issues, this can be even more difficult because they have to shop around for an affordable doctor, and it’s often hard to get a long-term health provider that truly understands their needs. 

The ACT Greens will give people the care they need, when they need it, not just when they are in crisis. We need a truly free, accessible health system that is focused on looking after people.

Read our plan for a fairer health system

@emmadavidsongreens Today the ACT Greens announced our vision for a truly affordable and accessible healthcare system across Canberra - one where YOU have access to free high quality care when you need it 💚 But the cost of living crisis means too many Canberrans can’t afford to see a GP, only getting free care once they go to the emergency department 🤒 The ACT Greens plan will: 👩‍⚕️ Provide over 160,000 bulk billed GP visits per year to keep you healthier and out of the hospital. 🤗 Support GPs to provide integrated and continuous care for people with mental health or musculoskeletal conditions, so you can get ongoing help closer to home and reduce pressure on our hospital system. 🔥Deliver a genuinely free universal healthcare system, because you shouldn’t need more than a Medicare card to get the care you need. Check out and track our vision for Canberra’s health system here 👉 #healthcare #canberra #leftist #progressive ♬ Too Sweet - Hozier


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