for canberra.

The Greens will make Canberra a city that’s easy, comfortable and affordable to get around.

Check out our plan:

  1. Buy 100 new buses and so that every single weekday bus comes every 20 minutes
  • Increase weekday bus frequency by 50% on every suburban route by 2026, meaning nobody will wait more than 19 minutes 
  • More than double the weekend bus frequency to every 30 minutes by 2027
  • Improve reliability with dedicated bus lanes through our busiest bus corridors, starting with Belconnen to the City, Molonglo to Adelaide Avenue, and ANU to Constitution Avenue
  • Hire hundreds more bus drivers and improve work week flexibility for drivers in the ACTION Enterprise Agreement
  • Bring on 100 more electric buses at the new Woden Depot to grow the bus fleet to 550 buses and deliver these additional services
  • By 2030, we’ll build two new bus depots, one in Mitchell and one in West Belconnen. This will let us make more improvement in future
  1. Make transport completely free for people who need it most 
  • Make it completely free for people aged under 18 to ride buses and light rail, so all kids can get to school for free
  • Make it completely free for people on low incomes with a concession or pension card to ride buses and light rail at all times of day, including in peak times
  • Extend discounts for full-time tertiary students to part-time students. This recognises that many are studying part-time so they can work to make ends meet
  1. Get light rail to every edge of the city, faster than currently planned 

Canberra needs busES THAT COME SO OFTEN, you don’t need to plan your day around THEM.

But right now, too many people are locked into the expense of running a car, because the alternatives just aren't good enough.

Buses aren't frequent enough and many get stuck in traffic.

Labor has shuffled routes and timetables but has no plans to scale up the service, while the Liberals aren’t proposing any improved frequency on weekdays.

The ACT Greens will make sure buses come so often, you don't need to plan your day around it.

We will also make sure that while you're waiting, you don't have to endure the hot Canberra summers without shade, or the cold Canberra winters without shelter. 

Our plan will make public transport a genuine and convenient option for Canberrans!

Read our plan for a better bus SYSTEM

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