Housing is an essential service and key to living a life with dignity. But right now, more people than ever are struggling to put a roof over their head.

Here’s how we’ll start to fix housing:

  1. Establish a publicly owned developer and builder which will build & buy 10,000 public homes over ten years and end homelessness in the ACT
  • Create a prefabrication manufacturing hub for public housing
  • Initiate a pilot project for homeowners to sell their homes to the government for use as public housing
  • Create more accessible and secure homes for people with disabilities
  • Fund Housing ACT to be a landlord of choice
  • In-source and adequately fund repairs and maintenance for all public housing properties.
  1. Freeze rent increases for two years and then cap them at 2% after that so renters can actually afford to live in Canberra
  2. Change housing rules so that we can build way more houses in the suburbs we already live, without paving over the environment


The Greens have the biggest plan for public housing since our city was founded.

We're going to establish a publicly owned developer and builder which will build and buy 10,000 public homes over the next ten years!That's like BIG, big!

Our fully costed plan will find homes for every single person on the 3000 people long public housing waiting list and more.

Time was, public housing was everywhere in Canberra - on every street corner and next to every shop. 

There are millions of renters staring down the barrel of eviction or financial stress if they cop one more massive rent increase, which is why urgent action is so important. 

Our plan will start to give renters doing it tough the option to move into affordable and comfortable public homes.

It's about time we start expecting the government to take charge in the housing market again, and make public housing a viable choice for many more Canberrans.

Read ouR full plan to build public housing 


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