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The ACT Greens are a grassroots movement.

We refuse corporate donations from those seeking influence, don’t have factions, and practice consensus decision-making.

This makes us entirely accountable to (and reliant on) the people who drive our party.

This federal election, you can help elect Tim Hollo to the seat of Canberra and Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng as the ACT’s second (currently Liberal) Senator.

Imagine Tim and Tjanara joining new Greens MPs from across the country to once again negotiate a governing agreement with Labor. We would finally stop letting ⅓ of billionaires and big corporations pay no tax, and use the money to:

  • Power Australia with 100% renewable electricity
  • Add mental health and dental health cover in Medicare
  • Provide universal, free childcare, university, and TAFE
  • End poverty by permanently raising JobSeeker to $80 a day
  • Build one million affordable homes in the next decade  
  • Establish a national anti-corruption commission.

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Sign up to volunteer today!