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The Greens are the only party that is proudly powered by people, not large corporations.   

Volunteers power our party. All the positive changes we’ve helped create here in the ACT and around Australia is thanks to people just like you.

Volunteering with the Greens means joining a network of thousands of people standing up to demand climate action, an end to corporate influence in politics, and a government that puts people and the planet first.

While our country burns and the gap between rich and poor widens, the need to put our big ideas into action has never been stronger. Together, we can show the world what’s possible - right here in Canberra!

Why volunteer with us?

  • Be involved in all of our great work. Every day, we are powered by passionated, energetic and skilled volunteers who are involved in everything from policy development and election strategy to events and fundraising.
  • Meet like-mined people in your community who are ready to roll up their sleeves to create a greener and fairer world.
  • Be part of our historic campaign for the ACT elections on October 17 - we’re aiming to double the number of Greens representatives in the Legislative Assembly.
  • Help Canberra prove what’s possible with stronger climate action, an end to corporate influence in politics and a government that puts people and planet first. 

Thank you for joining us – and welcome to the team!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our office.