A Canberra for Everyone

The strength and beauty of our community lies in its diversity. 

Everyone deserves to feel welcome and able to participate with confidence in the shaping of our collective identity and culture.

Too many groups feel unsafe, excluded, isolated, or not welcome because of who they are. Many others are unable to fully participate due to the design of our streets, buildings, and public spaces. 

Diversity will be key to cementing Canberra as a thriving city ready for the challenges our society and our planet face. To make sure the ACT is a place for everyone, the ACT government must invest in programs and infrastructure that makes everyone welcome and able to participate in our public life and spaces. 

Our policies and initiatives were designed in consultation with the communities they impact in order to create a Canberra for everyone. Critically, we recognise that these communities must also be given the autonomy to implement, review, and drive many of these programs for them to succeed.


A Canberra for Everyone - Achievements


Our Plan

Flexible work plan, including a 4 day work week and enabling people to work from home More »
Gender equality and the empowerment of women More »
Reducing harm from drug and alcohol use More »
Sexual orientation, gender Identity and intersex rights More coming soon
Elderly people More coming soon
First Nations people and the recognition of sovereignty More coming soon
Multicultural communities More coming soon
Children and young people More coming soon
People with disabilities More coming soon


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