A Canberra for Everyone

The strength and beauty of our community lies in its diversity. 

Everyone deserves to feel welcome and able to participate with confidence in the shaping of our collective identity and culture.

Too many groups feel unsafe, excluded, isolated, or not welcome because of who they are. Many others are unable to fully participate due to the design and our streets, buildings, and public spaces. 

Diversity will be key to cementing Canberra as a thriving city ready for the challenges our society and our planet face. To make sure the ACT is a place for everyone, the ACT government must invest in programs and infrastructure that makes everyone welcome and able to participate in our public life and spaces. 

Our policies and initiatives were designed in consultation with the communities they impact in order to create a Canberra for everyone. Critically, we recognise that these communities must also be given the autonomy to implement, review, and drive many of these programs for them to succeed.


A Canberra for Everyone - Achievements


Our Plan

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Sexual orientation, gender Identity and intersex rights More coming soon
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First Nations people and the recognition of sovereignty More »
Multicultural communities More coming soon
Gender equality and the empowerment of women More »
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A Canberra for Everyone - Facts


Children and young people

  • Allow people who are 16 and 17 the right to vote
  • Support youth-led movements such as the School Strike for Climate
  • Increase the age of criminal responsibility
  • Increase investment in youth services
  • Guarantee the right to strike to all school students

First Nations people and the recognition of sovereignty

  • Ensure First Nations knowledge and culture underpin land, fire, and environmental management approaches in the ACT
  • Fund First Nations led services, including housing providers, health, and youth and business services
  • Ensure the ACT Government celebrates and highlights the contribution and positive impact that our First Nations communities make to the ACT community 
  • Justice and child protection reform

Gender equality and the empowerment of women

  • Increasing funding for domestic, family and sexual violence services:
    1. Specific initiatives for women whose financial security is dependent on their partner or other family members
    2. Specialist housing services for women escaping violence
    3. Prevention programs including respectful relationships to reduce the drivers of unacceptably high rates of gendered violence
    4. Early intervention and behaviour change programs
    5. More public, social, and affordable housing for vulnerable and at-risk women
    6. Clarify the definition of sexual consent to make it clear that only a clearly communicated ‘yes’ means yes
  • Make our city safer for women:
    1. Lighting our streets, bike lanes, footpaths  and bus stops so that people feel safer in public spaces after dark
    2. Trialing flexible stop arrangements to allow people to be dropped closer to their homes after dark
  • Improving the accessibility and affordability of sexual and reproductive health services across the ACT
  • Ensuring that the gendered impact of all legislation is considered and made public:
    1. A requirement than the gender outcome of all programs and services is made public
    2. Recognising the gendered impact of unpaid care and domestic work when assessing the ACT’s labour force

People with disabilities

  • Promoting attitudinal changes
  • Targeted services
  • Make our city accessible to all