Arbitration & Conciliation Committee (ACC)

The Arbitration & Conciliation Committee is a three person committee elected at each ACT Greens Annual General Meeting for one year.


The responsibilities of this Committee include:

  • oversight of dispute resolution within the Party

  • investigation of complaints about members

When a matter is referred to the Arbitration & Conciliation Committee (ACC), the committee operates as a three person investigative tribunal which follows principles of procedural fairness to make a determination about a matter based on the balance of evidence. It has no executive powers to apply sanctions but it makes recommendations to the ACT Greens Management Committee to do so.

The ACC is a member of the Council of Australasian Tribunals.

Matters that may be brought to the Arbitration & Conciliation Committee

  1. A grievance or dispute brought to the Member Support Team mediators which cannot be resolved.
    Where the dispute involves allegations of serious illegal activities, the matter will be promptly referred directly to the Arbitration & Conciliation Committee without recourse to the parties.

  2. A complaint raised about a member or volunteer of the ACT Greens.
    Such cases may be raised by a member of the ACT Greens or by someone outside the ACT Greens including allegations of serious illegal activities, or activities condemned or forbidden by the Australian Greens Charter, the Constitution, By-laws or the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

You may contact the Arbitration & Conciliation Committee via its email address

Alternately, a matter may be raised with any ACT Greens official who will refer it to the Arbitration & Conciliation Committee.

All Arbitration & Conciliation Committee members have current ACT Government Working With Vulnerable People General Registration.

Paul MagareyPaul Magarey

Paul's first practical engagement with community and green politics was probably when he was 10 and was taught how to fix his bicycle at the the Musgrave St Community Bicycle Workshop in Goodwood, Adelaide. His more mature conversion to Green politics was through attendance at the Ecopolitics IV conference at Adelaide University in 1989. He was profoundly influenced by hearing a speeches by, amongst others, the awesome Jack Mundey of the NSW Builders Laborers Federation.

Paul has formally been involved with the Australian Greens since the 1996 election when he volunteered for the  Fremantle Greens candidate who was up against Carmen Lawrence. Paul strongly support Australian Green policies. In particular, he believes good governance and working environments will encourage diverse contributions from all potential Greens supporters. And that resolution of any disputes should be done in a timely, empathetic and just manner.

Angus McKayAngus McKay

Angus has been living in Canberra since 2000, moving from Cooma. They are sharing their life with their two wonderful children and partner Sophie. Angus has been working in the public service for 7 years, currently in Probity and Contract Management. Angus has been with the ACT Greens for 6 months but a vocal activist for social justice for much longer, leading the Training and Education portfolio for the LGBTI+ advocacy program in their department for 3 years.  

Angus is committed to providing a fair and passionate voice to the ACT Greens through the ACC.



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