Sustainable Transport in the Territory

Safer, sustainable transport

The Greens have a vision for a world-class public transport system in the nation’s capital to create more liveable communities, improve our quality of life and reduce pollution and congestion.

We need to create a quick and reliable high-frequency public transport system that is competitive with cars.

We need a path and bike lane network that encourages more Canberrans into a streamlined and connected transport system. This system should encourage public transport and active travel, such as to walking and cycling, to get Canberrans where they need to go.

We need good roads, but we also need a well-funded and well-functioning public transport system that gets people where they want to go quickly, reliably, safely and cheaply.

We need fewer Canberrans to feel that they need to drive everywhere just to get around, making traffic worse and parking harder, increasing our carbon emissions, increasing stress, costing money and contributing to poor health outcomes. 

We need to identify gaps in the network and make sure these are connected with a larger network that prioritises public and active travel

We need to keep planning ahead for the growing Canberra of the future—a zero net emissions, smart, modern and sustainable city.

The Greens are reducing pollution, unclogging our roads and encouraging physical activity that makes us all healthier and happier.

·         Delivered light rail stage one, a major milestone in Canberra’s transport network

·         Supported a better bus network, including more frequent services across longer hours on a 7 day timetable

·         Delivered large investments in walking and cycling infrastructure

·         Demonstrated world-leading action on electric vehicles

·         Committed the ACT to zero road fatalities and injuries

Light rail

Light Rail

Light rail is a high-quality public transport system that will help transform Canberra into a modern, liveable and sustainable city.

The ACT Greens have advocated for light rail for decades. Holding the balance of power following the 2012 election, we were at last able to secure a Government commitment to building stage 1 of light rail for Canberra. Read more about this here.

Bus network

Bus Network

Over three Parliamentary Agreements, we have secured significant funding increases for our bus networks. The result is more Rapid bus routes, better evening services on weekends and more frequent services to many suburbs across Canberra.

We’ve also secured a trial of electric buses and lower-emissions hybrid buses, which have the potential to slash our greenhouse gas emissions in coming years. Read more about this here. 

Walking and cycling infrastructure

Active living

The Greens are working hard to ensure that world-class walking and cycling infrastructure is rolled out across Canberra.

That’s why we have:

  • Delivered an additional $30 million for walking and cycling infrastructure, which will see major upgrades in Woden, Belconnen and Tuggeranong Town Centres, as well as footpath and cycle path upgrades in suburbs across Canberra, through our 2016 Parliamentary Agreement
  • Delivered an additional $15 million to improving walking and cycling infrastructure across Canberra through our 2012 Parliamentary Agreement
  • Added bike path lighting through Haig Park, Braddon, Turner, and Dickson
  • Realised an off-road cycleway along Majura Parkway
  • Provided more opportunities for recreational and commuter cycling (2016)
  • Commissioned local artists to design funky bicycle racks, which now feature across our capital (2016).

Making our roads safer

With Shane Rattenbury as the ACT’s Minister for Road Safety, the ACT Greens support a world-leading evidence-based approach to road safety called 'Vision Zero'.

Improving disability access

It’s time to think differently about our transport hubs, our places and our public spaces. It’s time to ensure that all Canberrans, no matter their mobility, can get around Canberra. Find out more here.


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The ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025 and Living Infrastructure Plan

Under the ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025 and Living Infrastructure Plan:

More sustainable transport in the Territory and driving the zero net emissions vehicle transition

The Greens have a vision for a world-class public transport system in the nation’s capital to create more liveable communities, improve our quality of life and reduce pollution and congestion.

 That’s why the Greens are committing the Government to:

  • Transition all newly leased ACT Government passenger fleet vehicles to zero emissions vehicles from 2020–21, and zero emissions by 2040 at the latest
  • Deliver ‘Car Free Days’ in Canberra, as well as possibilities for car free areas and shared zones 
  • Improve active travel by improving cycle paths and the city's walkability
  • Focus on building a more compact and efficient city to improve travel convenience without reliance on private vehicles.


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