Accessible fun with new Liberty Swing


A new Liberty Swing will officially open today at Pearce Community Centre to support more people with disability, specifically those who use a wheelchair, to have fun while riding a safe and accessible swing.

A Liberty Swing is specialised equipment that supports people with disability to access the simple enjoyment of a swing. People can remain seated in their wheelchair, which is safely secured to the Liberty Swing platform, while it swings. The Liberty Swing was funded by both the ACT Community Services Directorate and a private donor.

Minister for Disability Emma Davidson says Liberty Swings mean Canberrans can have more fun at green spaces and parks across the ACT.

“Liberty Swings are a fantastic example of facilities that enable the full participation across community life. Increasing the number from three to four adds greater spread across Canberra for people with disability so they can have more fun and enjoyment while outdoors. A Liberty Swing, like any other swing, is something that makes people feel good and we all deserve that thrill,” Minister Davidson said.

The launch of the Liberty Swing coincides with Pearce Community Centre’s 30th anniversary, which is home to a number of community organisations including SHOUT Inc, ACT Down Syndrome Association, Sharing Places, Women’s Health Matters, Kidsafe ACT, Women with Disability ACT and the Australasian College of Road Safety.

The ACT now has four Liberty Swings located at Yerrabi Pond, Black Mountain Peninsula, Kambah District Park and Pearce Community Centre.

Quotes attributable to Sharing Places Chief Executive Officer Kylie Stokes

“The Liberty Swings are a wonderful addition to parks and gardens around Canberra as they provide for inclusive participation for people with disability.  They provide opportunities for people who use wheelchairs to have the same experiences as others who don’t use wheelchairs. Swinging is also a very therapeutic activity for people who are on the autism spectrum, as it allows the mind to calm. You just need to see the beaming smiles on people’s faces to see how much enjoyment a Liberty Swing provides. The Liberty Swings are safe, very easy to use and people who don’t use wheelchairs are still able to enjoy so nobody misses out!”