ACT Greens announce plans for Investing in our Community Facilities


Are you going overseas soon? 

No, of course you’re not. Thanks to COVID-19, nobody is. 

We’re all spending more time in our own homes, and even when we’re not at home, we’re not travelling far. That may change once there’s a vaccine, but nobody really knows how long it will take for a safe, successful one to be developed and rolled out globally. The bottom line is that home, neighborhood and community are likely to be more important over the next however many years than they’ve been in a long time. So shouldn’t we make sure that our community spaces are inviting, comfortable and fit for purpose? The Greens certainly think so.

Our policy package on community facilities is designed to achieve exactly this. Many of these facilities are in need of upgrades to improve energy efficiency, or have fallen into a kind of limbo – owned by the government but tenanted by community groups, it’s not clear how upgrades should be undertaken or who should pay for them. This initiative links to others in our election platform, and in combination will go a long way to ensuring that staying in our own community doesn’t have to mean sitting on a chilly plastic chair in a draughty hall.

For more detail, take a look at the full package here: