ACT Greens secure housing accessibility commitments


The ACT Greens today secured amendments to make it easier for people who require accessible housing to find appropriate homes.

“If you’re a person with limited mobility and you’re looking for a house to live in, there’s currently very little information listed on rental and sale ads, so it’s not always clear if this property can meet your needs.  Landlords and owners are not required to disclose this when advertising a property,” ACT Greens Housing Spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur said today.

“There are many of these properties in Canberra – but if you don’t know about it, it’s exhausting to have to check individual properties, one by one. 

“Today the Greens are pleased to have secured a simple, practical solution to this problem.

“From November 2020, houses will need to be listed as ‘adaptable’ on property rental and sale ads in the ACT. This change isn’t onerous, but will help make Canberra a place for everyone to enjoy.

“The Greens believe everyone deserves equal opportunities in life. No matter our background, ability, gender, sexuality, age, income or postcode, Canberra should be an accessible and inclusive place to live,” said Ms Le Couteur.

 When it comes to solving Canberra’s housing crisis and making Canberra inclusive for all, the Greens have the solutions. That’s why we have:

  • Urged the Government to deliver more affordable community, social and public housing as a matter of priority
  • Urged the Government to deliver more crisis and affordable housing, including expanding the Common Ground site in Gungahlin
  • Introduced a motion into the Assembly calling on the Government to maintain a minimum proportion of social housing in the ACT – a proposal ACT Labor did not support
  • Called on the Government to produce the figures on how much homelessness costs the community
  • Advocated for a successful scheme securing a land tax exemption for landlords if their properties are rented out through a registered community housing provider at or less than 75% of market rent.

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