ACT welcomes outcomes of Building Ministers Meeting


From October 2023, all new homes built in the ACT will be required to have seven-star energy efficiency and minimum accessibility standards, ensuring all new homes will be designed for people and planet.

Today at Building Ministers Meeting, Ministers agreed to update the National Construction Code to raise the energy efficiency requirement from 6-stars to 7-stars, with a 12-month transition phase from the publication of the updated National Construction Code in October 2022. Ministers also agreed to a 12-month transition for minimum accessibility standards, which was agreed to be added to the National Construction code in April 2021.

“With a climate emergency upon us, changes to our minimum energy efficiency standards must be made fast, but fairly,” ACT Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction, Rebecca Vassarotti.

“I made the ACT’s position clear to my fellow Building Ministers during the meeting, so I am delighted that a 12-month transition was agreed to.                                                                       

“The homes we build today will stand for many decades, so it is vital that we build homes that are climate-resilient, comfortable and accessible.

“We will ensure that industry is supported through these changes. I believe 12 months is sufficient time before the introduction of these new standards, giving them time to prepare and adjust.”