Alan Jones to stay on Canberra’s public buses

We don’t want to see people who make comments advocating violence against women promoted in on our buses.


The Greens think Alan Jones’ sexist, misogynistic views are appalling and harmful.

The ACT Greens were proud to support a recent community petition from Canberra Women in Business calling for a change to the standards for advertising on Transport Canberra buses.

Today the ACT Government has responded to the petition saying:

“As the advertising standard advertises a radio station, and the advertisement does not display an offensive message, the advertisement meets the Australian Advertising Standards and Transport Canberra’s guidelines.

“Unfortunately the ACT Government is not in a position to ban or remove the advertising at this time.”

The ACT Government, through its guidelines, has the capacity to exercise a consumer choice. It can choose not to accept advertising from a broadcaster who repeatedly calls for violence against women.

While we have lost this fight, for now, there will be many more to come.

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