Better buses to take us where we need to go


The ACT Greens have a plan to get Canberra’s bus system running to its full potential. This includes growing the bus driver workforce and getting more women bus drivers so we can return to full services and provide hourly weekend buses.

On Wednesday, Jo Clay MLA will move a motion in the ACT Legislative Assembly calling for action. 

“I want Canberrans to have a bus service that gets them where they need to go, when they need to get there. This means Canberrans need confidence in our public transport. We need to trust that our buses will run often, turn up on time and take us to our destination, whether it’s a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or any other day.

“We also have to cut transport emissions. We are in a climate emergency and transport is currently over 60% of our tracked emissions in the ACT. Providing a really good public transport system is a great way to take real climate action.

“I understand that we are running a reduced timetable due to COVID-related absences. That’s why we need more drivers as soon as possible. But even before COVID, not enough people caught the bus. Pre-COVID, less than 5 percent of journeys in Canberra were made by bus. 

“Canberrans have already told us what the problems are - reliability and frequency. That’s why the ACT Greens took a commitment to the 2020 election for hourly weekend services and better buses. That’s why I’m bringing forward this motion.

“I also want to see changes that will include more women bus drivers as we grow our workforce. A great workforce reflects the people it serves, yet only 11% of Canberra’s bus drivers are women. That’s why I’m also calling on the ACT Government to develop a Women in Transport Program and target to recruit and retain more women. This will help us expand our workforce to provide the services we need. At the same time, it will provide good jobs to women in a predominantly male industry.

“This motion will take us to a better bus service and a stronger, more inclusive workforce. I’m hoping all Canberrans can get onboard with that.”