“Bring on the next fourteen months”: Caroline Le Couteur MLA announces retirement in 2020


Ms Le Couteur has decided that she will retire at the end of this term.

“It has been a real privilege to represent the people of Canberra in the ACT Assembly.  I have been very fortunate to be elected twice,” Ms Le Couteur said today.

“I have decided to make this decision public today ahead of Greens preselection processes, which will take place in coming months.

“With fourteen months before the ACT election, this is a crucial time for this Assembly – a time where the Greens unique role, both in Government and from the crossbench, is central to realising Canberra as the ‘greenest’ jurisdiction in Australia. 

“The Greens put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do. We champion evidence-driven solutions to the major problems our community is now facing: a changing climate, environmental destruction and economic inequality.

“We know that the politics of old doesn’t work: we consider every issue on its merits, and on the evidence. From the crossbench, I will continue to take seriously our role in holding the Government to account, and I will continue to stand up for our local community on issues that matter to them.

“I’ve never been prouder to represent the Greens in our Assembly.

“In my time in the Assembly, I’m especially pleased to have contributed to a more sustainable Canberra. Climate change is the issue that brought me here and every day it continues to motivate me. I’m also pleased to have played my part in making Canberra a more compassionate place.  

In the 7th and 9th Assemblies, I’m pleased to have realised major reforms in these areas: 

  • Land tax exemption for affordable rentals
  • Rates deferral improvements for older people
  • Sustainability and Affordability targets for SLA and CRA
  • Tree petition leading to extra 17,000 trees in Canberra over 4 years
  • Ethical investment
  • Animal welfare with the eventual banning of battery cage hengs
  • More community consultation in planning
  • Solar access protection.

“Bring on the next fourteen months”

“With fourteen months until the next ACT election, there’s still so much to do,” Ms Le Couteur said today.

“We’re facing a climate emergency – yet the Government still needs to act to deliver better building and energy efficiency standards, to ensure houses will be highly liveable in the warmer Canberra climate of the future. These are issues that I’ve advocated for, for a long time: these reforms are well overdue.

“We must do more to protect our environment, and everything that depends on it. We need to create a more sustainable Canberra, including more protection for trees and open space, better public transport and more sustainable consumption.

“We’ve come a long way in realising stronger protections around issues like intimate images. Now, we need to act to finally change the definition of consent in the Crimes Act to make clear that ‘yes means yes’, and ‘no means no’.

“We also need to realise significant electoral improvements including truth in political advertising, as well as banning developers and gambling entities from donating to political parties and candidates.

“As was again raised last week, we need entertainment precincts in place now to ensure that we’re protecting Canberra’s night life. I’ve pushed for this now for over a decade: the Greens have had a long-term vision to this, and it’s time to get it done.

“Bring on the next fourteen months!”, Ms Le Couteur added.