Coombs Peninsula development


The Coombs Peninsula (Map available at ACTmapi) is currently on the land release program, with plans to build 30 houses, but the Greens vision for it is different.

The site itself is elevated, with slopes on three sides down to the Molonglo, part of the Molonglo River Reserve. It has beautiful views along the river and would be ideal for recreation. The Government has been talking with a number of local residents about the site for a playground, and there is room on the peninsula for a delightful playground and attractive tree-canopied landscaping without compromising its environmental values.

Coombs Peninsula
The Coombs Peninsula

Those, incidentally, are significant. The peninsula contains an area of Pink-tailed Worm-lizard habitat. This Lizard is listed as Vulnerable both nationally and in the ACT. The habitat should be protected.

It is quite a small site, but due to its siting, what happens on it will impact directly on the Reserve. Many builders do not control their rubbish very well. Any visit to new suburb developments will show you building waste blowing all over the place. Rubbish from the peninsula would blow straight down the hill into the Reserve and the river.

Additionally the Peninsula is next to a very narrow part of the Reserve – it is less than 200 metres wide. Research shows that narrow reserves like this don’t adequately protect biodiversity. There is too much impact from the surrounding activities and not enough room for fauna to move freely along the corridor. The Peninsula should be rezoned to the Hills, Ridges and Buffer Zone, and be permanently withdrawn from the land release program.

Since the number of dwellings being planned is so small – only 30 - taking this land off the land release program will make no material difference to the overall rate of land release or to Canberra’s housing supply.

I’d love to hear whether you support our vision for the Coombs Peninsula.