FuelCheck now available in the ACT in a boost to Canberra motorists


Minister for Consumer Affairs and Energy, Shane Rattenbury says Canberra motorists will have access to real-time fuel pricing comparisons across the ACT from today after the NSW FuelCheck app was expanded into the ACT.

The ACT Government, in collaboration with the NSW Government, is introducing the NSW FuelCheck scheme to the ACT as part of a six-month pilot.

During the trial we will also work with commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging operators to add EV charging stations to the FuelCheck pilot.

As more Canberrans make the change to zero-emission vehicles, the need for charging stations will increase. Their inclusion in the trial will provide EV owners information on charging locations.

We will be monitoring the operation of the FuelCheck pilot over the next six months to review its effectiveness in the ACT market.

For many households across Canberra, the cost of petrol is a significant expense to their household budget. The app gives power to the consumer to make educated and informed decisions on how and where they spend their money. This will be another tool for Canberrans to find the most up to date pricing information, to seek savings, and to promote competition in the Canberra fuel market.

We also recognise that the future of ACT motoring will be electric. The ACT will be reviewing including EV charging stations to the app to keep it relevant in a changing climate and up to date with community needs. Their addition will make locating charging stations easier, help to ease range anxiety.

Read the full media release: https://www.cmtedd.act.gov.au/open_government/inform/act_government_media_releases/rattenbury/2022/fuelcheck-now-available-in-the-act-in-a-boost-to-canberra-motorists