Greens call on Government to count the women whose lives are lost and under threat


The ACT Greens have today called on the ACT Government to better account for the impact of domestic violence in the ACT.

The Greens say the ACT Government needs to count both the number of women murdered in domestic violence incidents, and the number of ACT women who report living in fear of lives.

“There is no telling of the kind of devastating impact that domestic violence has in our community here in Canberra, and around Australia,” ACT Greens spokesperson for Women Caroline Le Couteur said today.

“One case of violence is one case too many.

“In the ACT, there is no formal accounting by the Government of the number of women murdered by their partners, or of the number of ACT women who report living in fear for their lives.

“The ACT Government has a commendable focus on reducing family violence, but now we call on the Government to make these statistics publicly available, as we do with the road toll and workplace safety incidents.

“Fortunately, we believe the number of women killed in domestic violence cases in the ACT is relatively low. However, we expect that there are many other women in our community who report living in fear of their lives – a reality that is simply unacceptable.

“What we need is a shift in public attitudes. Domestic violence – including victim-shaming and blaming – is a serious issue that is simply unacceptable.

“Official reporting of these incidents would go some way to changing the misogynist and macho attitudes that contribute to domestic violence.”

It comes as today the Australian Greens called for an urgent crisis response to the number of women killed by violence and greater accuracy in media reporting following the murder of a Brisbane-based mother and three children by their father.