Greens launch $50m plan to accelerate Canberra’s rEVolution


The ACT Greens will further real climate action in Canberra, today announcing a comprehensive new plan to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution in the ACT over the next decade.

Our rEVolution will dramatically increase electric vehicle use in the ACT by:

  1. Creating a $50 million fund to provide financial incentives for Canberra residents, businesses and the community sector to purchase zero emission vehicles 
  2. Adopting a target for 90% of NEW car sales to be zero-emission by 2030 - a nation-leading commitment, in step with leading overseas jurisdictions
  3. Transitioning to zero emissions public transport, garbage trucks, taxi and rideshare vehicles by 2035
  4. Expanding the network of recharging stations across Canberra and the region, and requiring charging infrastructure for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings  
  5. Conducting market sounding to attract zero emission vehicle industries and other economic and educational opportunities to the ACT
  6. Researching and piloting Vehicle2Grid and Vehicle2Home projects to improve energy efficiency and grid reliability
  7. Travel incentives for ZEVs.

Now that the ACT has shifted to 100% renewable electricity, transport emissions from vehicles are now by far the ACT’s biggest source of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, at over 63%. Action to support the shift to electric vehicles is required now to ensure that Canberra - the nation’s climate action capital - accelerates our climate action efforts, and is best-placed to take advantage of the global EV transition. 

The plan includes support of up to $10,000 for individual ACT residents to purchase a zero emission car or motorbike. 

Comments attributable to ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury:

“This is a bold plan that will make the ACT the electric vehicle capital within a decade. It’s what we need to address climate change, but also to give ACT residents and businesses the advantages of electric vehicles that other countries are already enjoying.

“EVs are good for the environment as they create no greenhouse gas emissions, and no tailpipe pollution. They are also good for consumers, being significantly cheaper to run and maintain.

“A lack of government support has left Australia languishing when it comes to zero emission vehicles. Our policy will turn this around, making electric vehicles more available, affordable and convenient. In a decade, driving an EV will be the norm in Canberra, even for commercial businesses.

“The Greens policy takes the most successful electric vehicle policies from around the world - focused on incentives and infrastructure. It will make the ACT the national leader, and a world leader, in clean, green transport. It will even bring employment and educational opportunities, as we establish the leading electrical vehicle industry in Australia.”

“If we’re to tackle climate change, we simply can’t keep doing things the way we’ve always done. Acting now to give Canberrans real and affordable options to make the switch to EVs is just part of our Greens plan to Build a Better Normal in this unprecedented time.”

With Greens in Government, and Shane Rattenbury as the ACT’s Climate Change and Sustainability Minister, the ACT is an internationally renowned climate action leader - reaching our committed target to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

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