Greens launch major plan to tackle Canberra’s growing inequality crisis


The ACT Greens will today launch their ‘Supporting the Community Sector’ package - a comprehensive action plan to tackle Canberra’s growing inequality crisis.

There are 37,000 people and 6000 children in low-income households and 26,000 living below the poverty line in the ACT.

The Greens’ ‘Supporting the Community Sector Package’ will provide increased, guaranteed, long term funding to the many groups that provide assistance and support to those in our community who are doing it tough. The Greens Plan includes:

  1. Providing frontline groups with more funding, and funding certainty
  2. Improving community sector and government coordination, to ensure that frontline community sector needs are made a priority across Government
  3. Providing support for the community sector to access up to date technology
  4. Growing and better supporting the community sector workers in housing
  5. Driving a gender led COVID recovery
  6. Increasing support for the community drug and alcohol services sector.

Comments attributable to ACT Greens Campaign Spokesperson for Social Inclusion, Emma Davidson:

“We’ve had review after review telling us the same thing over decades now. We need a strong, well-funded community sector here in Canberra, and we need the Government to listen and respond to the sector’s needs, if we’re to make serious inroads into tackling Canberra’s growing inequality crisis.

“Poverty should not be a reality anywhere - let alone in a place as prosperous as ours.

Right now, we’re leaving people behind. We can build a better normal out of this crisis by listening to our community sector - and ensuring that the Government meets these needs.

“The other parties have started to make all the right noises when it comes to tackling our inequality crisis - and as the Greens, we’re thrilled that they are sitting up and taking notice.

“At a time when the COVID pandemic has hit hard, and the more vulnerable in our community are doing it especially tough, the Greens have a real plan to tackle inequality in our city, and to build a better normal - for all of us.”

The ACT Greens recognise that the community sector consistently provides high-quality support to a diverse range of people in our community. The sector makes a significant contribution to the ACT economy, brings in new expertise and knowledge, and plays a central role in developing the well-being and the healthy functioning of our community.”